I’ll go to space

«and so you’re back
from outer space»

Er Gloria Gaynors I will survive om en astronaut?

Hvis hun er sur fordi han valgte å bli med på en tur ute i verdensrommet istedenfor å bli hjemme hos henne, så synes jeg det er på tide at hun tilgir ham. Det er liksom ikke så ofte man får en sånn karrieremulighet. Og jeg antar at hun visste at han var en astronaut da de ble sammen. Jeg vil ikke drive med victimblaming, men jeg synes helt ærlig at det endrer situasjonen noe.

Etter å ha diskutert saken med venner, og konkludert med at tekstlinjen «I’m not that chained up little girl who’s still in love with you» helt sikkert betydde at Gloria og Astronauten bedrev S&M, skrev jeg Astronautens svarsang:

At first I was afraid I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I realized that I had trained

For this as an astronaut
And I shoot out
And I orbited the earth
And now I’m back
from outer space
Returning to my love with only a sad look upon my face
Because I left you for my job,
But I thought you’d wait for me
because my love was always true, and you’d let me keep the key
But now you go, and show me the door
I’ll turn around now
I don’t feel welcome anymore
I even played your weird ass sexgames, without complaints
I tied you down,
Do you think whipping you was fun?
Oh no it was not
I am no thug.
I don’t like to beat my women
Or chaining them up
I am not a dominant,
But I pretended just for you
And now you’re done
Just ‘cause I stayed a year in space
Hey, Hey!
It took all strength I had not to fall apart
Out in outer space with nothing but my broken heart
And I spent oh so many nights
Looking out at all the stars
I thought you looked back
But you were watching TV
And you see me, same old guy
I went away, but I swear I’m still in love with you
My first thought was dropping in
Stupid me thought you’d be free
Now I’m back on earth for good, ready to commit to you
But now you’re pissed, point at the door
I did it all for us
so I could stay for ever more
Weren’t you the one who told me to get a proper job?
Do you think I’d pimp?
Did you think I’d work in an office?
Oh no not I. I go to space
Oh as long as I know how to fly
I know I’ll will explore
I’ve got my shiny ship
I’ve got my gorram crew
I’ll go to space
I’ll go to space—


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